Think about it... it, draw it, chop it, mix it, paint it, build it.
...Create it!
As “A” starts the alphabet, Adam and Ads/Graphics, Art is where it all begins; drawing, painting, building; constructing ideas, creating. Thumbnail sketches transform ideas into tangible concepts. Concepts evolve into physical representations of the creative process. The target media sometimes the conduit for the expression and the expression sometimes dictates the media. In the end for an artist, it’s the action of mind to hand to pencil, brush, or hammer, to paint, paper, computer, canvas or wood that is art. In the hand of an artist, the tool is irrelevant. A circular saw, Chinese cleaver or X-Acto knife are precision tools. And bits of information moving through the air to a monitor are just as valid of an expression as the pigment in the water of my brush and the saw dust on my shop floor soon to return to earth.
By trade I am a graphic designer. Multi-media, Internet and print are my sustenance. By nature I'm an artist driven to see the out come of my latest creative obsession. represents a collection of commercial endeavors, utilitarian projects and artistic whims.